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Tansen School Of Music

"A complete Dance and Music School"

"Kuch extra kuch behtar pal ke liye"
Best Dance, Singing, Guitar & Hobby Class in Patna | Tansen School

Welcome to
Tansen School Of Music®

Since its creation in 2015, Tansen School has established a foundation for teams to express their skill, talent, and charisma being the best dance, singing, fINE arts, keyboard , guitar , drum and flute school in Bihar. Tansen School is to enhance and promote the knowledge and concepts, history, and symbolic representation of Dance, Music, Paining, instruments and other performing arts.... Tansen School of Music is will be crucial in educating both youth and adults about the different forms of dances and music such as the instruments of the guitar ,piano , tabla keyboard, drums, and traditional singing. The academy is designed to instruct enthusiastic dancers and musicians on how to perfect their performance techniques through interactive dance and music lessons with certified assosited instructors instructures . The association will also provide education about the significance of folk dance moves to give students an understanding of the beauty that dance embodies. Tansen School of Music aims to nurture the minds of the youth to a artistic side. Being the best dance school in Patna(Bihar) we are Focused on providing a platform where both the youth and adults get to enhance their knowledge and talent.
We are now offering Zoom online classes! These classes provide an opportunity for us to connect and share our passion for dance from the comfort of our own homes. You have the option to turn your camera on or off while you practice and you will be able to see your fellow classmates and teacher enrolled in the class with you! We provide the set of courses through which one can avail their choice of art such as Dance, Music, Painting, Learn Guitar, and etc. Our oldest and the main branch is situated in new Patliputra colony, Patna. Just over years ago, we got fascinated by the idea of searching and enhancing the talents among people and you made our dream come true. We have a long way and this wouldn't be possible without the love and support of our team and our students. We started it with a small idea and now it's become big that we have expanded our branches in other cities too. Mr. Ashutosh Kumar, is the CEO of the Tansen School of Music, and described as a ‘highly effective leader’ is filled with exceptional managing skills. He is exceptionally outstanding, and so hard working, also he has a good Public relational expertise and connections that no one can match up to it. He not only manages the school so well but apart from that he also sees the whole establishment and development of the branches. He personally looks after the performance of each student. Mr. Ashutosh kumar is involved in a number of other networks to support the development of Tansen School of Music. He also got appropriate vision why extra cicrricular activity is important in anybody life!!!!!!!!

Our Directors are:

Mrs. vandana kumar
Mrs. Priyanka Srivastava
Mrs. Anjani Kumari

Along the expertise that Mr. Ashutosh Kumar holds and the guidance of Mrs Vandana Kumar, Tansen School aims recognise the talent among the students and provides right suggestions to the parents as well. The lessons of our valued and professional faculty, helps us focus on our name shine bright and the students be the shine of our name. We are proud to be the best music and dance school of Patna( Bihar) focusing the centre of excellence for the training and education of Dance, Music and other performing arts. Here students are prepared to perform on stages and off stages. Teachers come from successful professional dance and music backgrounds and teach with passion and commitment.

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Why Tansen ?

Founded in 2015, with the branch in Patliputra colony, Patna. Tansen School of Music is renowned as one of the Best singing ,instrumental and dance class in Patna(bihar). Here you will find all classes under one roof with fully organized class rooms.
We work together, towards professional excellence in exploring dance and other performing arts in various forms such as educational, research, artistic and commercial ventures. We constantly strive for efficiency and customer satisfaction, and for that we are offering online classes through Zoom App. We won't let any circumstances affect any of the students performance. Tansen School of Music will provide the best Online classes of Music and Dance with expert teachings.
... After years of experience, and loved we received we are now able to expand our branches across other cities as well. The School offers structured dance courses, giving the students the best possible teachings to equip them for a career in the world of performing arts. If you want to make dance your profession, choosing us is choosing a training program with unique content, focused on the transmission of dance fundamentals and on career coaching with the supervision of the best specialists in the profession. The admission to Tansen School of Music is based purely on talent and potential, regardless of academic ability or personal circumstances. Apart from the learning, we provide parents with an specially designed Mobile app through which they can check-on personally at their child's performance. We provide the students with a platform where they can perform on stages. Students gets opportunities to practice almost all the cultural activities that are recognised by the government Also we have numerous inhouse program , where we alow our students to perform , this help our trained students to get rid from phobia known as stage fear. Removal of stage fear doesnot help only in good performance but also this reflect positive impact on academic carrier.

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  • Expert Coaching

    We provide the best consultancy in music and arts. We are focused on the needs of the student and not the greed for money. Every step we take is goal oriented and to keep alive the hunger to learn in our students.

  • Competitions & Counselling

    We promote an environment of positive energy and growth of the students.

  • Exposures

    Our institution gives a platform for almost all cultural activities recognized by the government. We also have the facility of a training program for live play back singing with advanced software for vocal singers.

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  • Instrumental

  • Dances

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Best Dance, Singing, Guitar & Hobby Class in Patna | Tansen School









Best Dance, Singing, Guitar & Hobby Class in Patna | Tansen School

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