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Affiliated By Prayag Sangit Samiti Allahabad, Pracheen Kala Chandigarh,Trinity College of London

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Tansen School Of Music® offers Diploma, Bachelor, Master Degree and Doctoral Level programmes in the following subjects


  • Classical Vocal (Shashtriya Sangeet)
  • Light Classical Vocal (Sugam Sangeet)
  • Rabindra Sangeet


  • String Type: Sitar, Guitar, Violin, Tanpura, Mandolin, Banjo
  • Brass Type: Flute, Mouth Organ (Harmonica)
  • Key based: Piano, Keyboard, Harmonium
  • Rhythm Type: Tabla, Congo, Bongo, Jazz Drum, Pakhawaj, Dholak

Diplomas and Degrees Offered

Level Courses Duration
Primary Level
PraveshikaOne Year
Prarambhik - I One Year
Prarambhik – IIOne Year
Junior Level
Junior Diploma Two Years
Bhushan – I One Year
Senior Level
Senior DiplomaTwo Years
Bhushan – IIOne Year
Bhushan – IIIOne Year
Bachelor of Arts(Music)
Prabhakar Two Years
Visharad Two Years
Master of Arts(Music)
Praveen Two Years
Bhaskar Two Years
Doctorate Programs :
Sangeet Acharya