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Tansen School of Music and Dance Pvt Ltd. was established in Dec 2014, by the founder member 

1)      Vandana Kumar, Managing Director

2)      Priyanka Srivastava, Managing Director 

3)      Ashutosh Kumar, CEO

The journey starts with the small-town girl and boy who have already established their careers in a multinational company and are well-settled abroad. As time elapsed individual stories turned up into lifelong commitments and hooked up to stay together forever. Both personalities had something in common, the thought of exploring the world, entrepreneurship and innovation. They have the guts to turn their idea into reality. This story is about Our director and co-founder Vandana Kumar and CEO/ Co-Founder Mr Ashutosh Kumar.

Success has a variety of definitions. Some define it with money and some with power. Everyone has their own benchmark to prove this. There is a variety of ideas floating in the market. Some ideas get outstanding outcomes and some do not. The successful idea needs correct execution under the right monitoring eyes.  

 Well with due respect and not being judgmental, the Tansen School of Music has their own parameter of success. Being globally experienced, our team co-founder members truly believe that communication is the main key skill, which is an important pillar of success. Being intellectual is an incomplete personality if you cannot deliver your intelligence. We all have some hierarchy inside us. For example, if we call someone up on stage to speak something about their thought and imagination, he/she may start sweating once the mic is over to him/her, although he/she would be excellent as an individual if this inherent talent not uplifted, this will be an injustice to their talent.

 Yeah, our team did research on it and after so many experiments and research gave outstanding output. We started doing research on such parameters. Some of the parents came to us with problems facing their children. Few parents were experiencing their child not performing up to Mark. Our team encouraged kids and parents. There was a tremendous outcome achieved after elapsing, in a short span of time in our institute. our regular counselling turned up parents and child personalities. We believe every human has some inherent talent built into them, you just need to explore them. Our team help you in exploring yourself through performing arts. Alternatively, we have experienced a few children with extreme talent and exceptionally doing good in their academics but in the absence of extracurricular activity. There is nothing wrong with not having an interest in extracurricular activity but, if it is not been explored then it is a real injustice. Nowadays maximum students are scoring 90% plus in their academics but how to make your individual identity!!!!!!! You need to be different in the crowd!!!!!

Our teaching is based on “EEE”

·         Explore

·         Experiment 

·         Execute learning

 Our team are expert in exploration. We always believe in the deployment of recommendations without being judgmental.   

Any activity is always proven to be an important pillar of learning. That’s why now most of the organization has started the Hindi lab, English lab, mathematics lab etc. although a few years back there were only science practical labs involved in academics.

 Believing in this education system Govt of India, the Ministry of Education, also adopted practical and activity-based study from 2021 onwards in all schools. This is the new Era of the Edu world. We started working on this principle and now we have become the leader in the current market. During lockdown time also our passionate students kept on learning music online. A few parents came to us with the positive development of their child during the lockdown, according to them our team has supported their child during the lockdown and left positive encouragement over their child's mental health. Mental health is the thing which most people ignore. When we have a physical health issue like fever, pain, or toothache we like to see our doctor, but what!!!! when you are depressed, sad and worried and no one around you!!!!! Few like to travel, few go for chilling, hang out, go to movies, few of us ignore this and some of them don’t even know how to control this and finally few among these turn up their life into depression. And finally turned up to disaster………………….

You must have heard the story of some scholars, on achieving targeted milestones also turned up into depression. And a few stories you must have also heard about some scholars after even on top rank and position they are a very good singer, poets, musicians etc. !!!!!!!!!What could be the reason behind this?

 Few scholars even if they are best in an industry take care of their mental health and spare some time for themselves through extracurricular activity and remain healthy physically and mentally. But if we talk about another side few cannot may be due to hierarchy or due to not taking care or ignoring or not understanding the importance of this area during their academic and finally turning into an unhealthy mind.


We enthusiastically and deterministically work to bring up your child's mental health.  one day once your child is in the top position in the country, the time they have not only a sharp mind but also a healthy mind. 

Goal: Global Market leader in progressing mental health.


Aim: Upgrade the education and learning system


·         Highlight the importance of a Healthy mind in daily life.

·          Develop the ability to differentiate and recognize the real meaning of 


·         Kick off the stage fear and hierarchy 

·         Uplift the inherent talent 

·         Positive commitment to client

·         Connected to the client through effective communication

·         Innovative ideas to implement for a progressive mind

·         Maintain promises

·         Client satisfaction

·         Goal-oriented steps